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PHIL 2035
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hume is a good transition to transcendental philosophy ie Kanttranscendentaltranscendenttranscendent has to do with ontological existence between material and ephemeral realmstranscendental pertains to epistemology and the operations of the mind between what is given by nature and given by experiencehumes notion of causality states that it cannot be strictly derived from experience but rather some of the causality is developed within the mindhume gives the imagination a prominent role within his philosophy attributes much to the productive imagination joins the faculty of understanding with the faculty of intuitionimagination enables us to be able to make connections between eventshumes detailing of this sets a precedent for kants 12 a priori categoriesbecause of hume kant quit being a rationalist and started practicing good philosophyour resemblances or ideas are resemblances of empirical things not ideas themselveshumes skepticism is based off of the fact that many things are the creation of mind itself instead of the external wo
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