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Physics Exam 2

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Louisiana State University
Physical Science
PHSC 1001

PhysicsExam2In an electrically neutral atom the number of protons in the nucleus is equal to the number of electrons that surround the nucleusA main difference between gravitational and electric forces is that electrical forces Rub electrons from your hair with a comb and the comb becomes negatively charged A difference between electric forces and gravitational forces is that gravitational forces are not affected by Repulsive Interaction Two charges separated by one meter exert 1N forces on each other If the magnitude of each charge is doubled the force on each charge is 4N Electric potential measured in volts is the ratio of electric energy to amount of electric charge A 10ohm resistor has a 5a current in it What is the voltage across resistor 20V EQUATION When a 60watt light bulb is connected to a 120volt source the current in the light bulb is 05a EQUATION Magnetism is due to the motion of electrons as they spin on their axes and move around the nucleus The field surrounding every moving electron is always both electric and magnetic Magnet A has twice the magnetic field strength of Magnet B and at a certain distance pulls on magnet B with a force of 100N The amount of force that magnetexerts on Magnet B is exactly 100N an electron and a proton attract each other if a steady magnetic field exerts a force on a moving charge that force is directed at right angles to the direction of the motion compared to radio waves the velocity of visible waves the velocity of visible light waves in a vacuum is the same WAVE CHART Compared to ultraviolet waves the wavelength of infrared waves are longer Consider light energy that is momentarily absorbed in glass and then reemitted Compared to the absorbed light the frequency of the reemitted light is the same A solar Eclipse occurs when the moons shadow touches the Earth Eclipse Table What color light is transmitted by piece of blue glass Blue Which will warm up quicker in sunlight Colored glassClear glass color depends on the frequency of the light Magenta light is a mixture of red and blue light A mixture of red and green pigments appears blackish brown Threeand Black colors of ink are used to print fullcolor pictures Fermats principle of least time applies to Reflection and Refraction Object and image for a plane mirror lie equal distances from the mirror When light reflects from a surface there is a change in its direction The type of lens that spread parallel light is a diverging lens LENS Real images can be projected onto a viewingscreen As a light ray in air at 15 degrees from th
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