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Physical Science
PHSC 1001
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11Atomic Nature of Matter 19Vibrations and Waves22Electrostatics23Electric CurrentThe amplitude is how high Charges are labeled as Current I flow of charge Atoms are super small and there the wave is from crest to the positive or negative unit Amps are too many to account forcenter of the waveLike charges repel while Voltage V ability to move The frequency is how many opposites attractcharge around energy per They are composed of protonswaves pass a certain point Coulombs Law tells us the change in a systemand electronsin the nucleus with per second 1periodforce N between two Resistance R resistance neutrons surrounding themThe wavelength is how long charges Similar to the law of to the flow of charge2a wave isgravitation1 d Forces can Ohms LawThe number of protons defines an Wave speed is wavelengthrepel each otherVIR or RVI or IRVelementperiod OR wavelength x REPELATTRACT Direct current DC frequencyBringing objects together constant positive value An ion is an atom with an A transverse wave travels at increases the force The comes out of a batteryunbalanced number of protons and a right angle updownmagnitude determines if its Alternating current AC electronsA longitudinal wave travels in attractive or repulsive varies both positive and rdcompressions toward the Newtons 3 law every force negative with time wall A positive ion has more protons same directionex Sound will have an equal but sockets and a negative ion has more waveopposite force Electric power amount of electrons Interference is when waves Conservation of charge no energy that is expanded overlap They then continue charge can be loss or gained every second in a circuit An isotope is an atom with an on unchanged by the Conductors metal allow the PIVUNIT Wattsuneven number of neutrons that interferenceflow of charge while Series circuit the parts messes up the atomic numberinsulators dont house connect one after another insulationand the current must flow Field lines on electric fields through all of the parts if one point from positive c
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