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Louisiana State University
Physical Science
PHSC 1001

PhysicalScience1001ExamOne1In science a theory is a synthesis of a large body of welltested knowledge1Science art and religion do not contradict one another because all three have different domains2An object in mechanical equilibrium is an object that has no acceleration is at rest andor moving with constant velocity3A truck is moving at constant velocity Inside the storage compartment a rock is dropped from the midpoint of the ceiling and strikes the 4floor below The rock hits the floor exactly below the midpoint of the ceilingAccording to Newtons Law of Inertia a railroad train in motion should continue going forever even if its engine is turned off We never 5observe this because railroad trains always have forces that oppose their motion Whirl a rock at the end of a string and it follows a circular path If the string breaks the tendency of the rock is to follow a straightline 6pathWhile an object near the Earths surface is in free fall its velocity increases7A hockey puck is set in motion across a frozen pond If ice friction and air resistance are neglected the force required to keep the puck 8sliding at constant velocity is zeroIf an object moves with constant acceleration its velocity must chan
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