PHYS 2108 Study Guide - Final Guide: Relative Change And Difference, Linear Density, Inclinometer

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18 Jun 2017

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4: two graduate students measure the strength of an mri"s magnetic field to have the following values: No: suppose we want to linearize by substitution the formula for dependent variable. Kinetic energy (k) with independent variable velocity (v). if the original equation is k= (1/2)mv2, what will our new independent variable (x) be when we map this onto y=mx + b? v2. Post-lab: you perform an experiment in slacking off at work by clocking out earlier each week and seeing how it affects your paycheck. Properly title the graph and label the axes for the plot your collected data. X: time worked (hours: the known area of a table is 1. 50 m2. You measure the length of the table to be. Percent error: measured area known area/known area * 100. Measured area: 1. 25 * 1. 25: momentum is defined as mass times velocity. You find the mass of a car to be.

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