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1What is the difference between power and authority Power is having the skill and knowledge to do a task but authority is the permission to do the act the president is very powerful and has skills to do things but cannot pass legislation because he does not have the authority to do so2What are Euripidess favorite themes Insight into human psychology sympathetic portrayal of womenheroines open questioning of the gods philosophical arguments3Who is Hecuba Polymestor Polydorus Polyxena Cassandra Agamemnon Odysseus Hecuba was the queen of Troy before it was sacked and mother of Polydorus Polyxena and Cassandra shes the main character of the play who is so tormented she seeks revenge Polymestor is the King of Thrace who agrees to take Polydoras and some gold but keeps the gold and kills Polydoras Polyxena is the daughter that is sacrificed by the Greeks to the ghost of Achilles Cassandra is the daughter that is taken as a concubine by Agamemnon and is prophesized to die at the hands of his wife Agamemnon is the Greek king that sacked Troy took Cassandra and agreed to let Hecuba plot her revenge by allowing her to invite Polymestor to be killed Odysseus was asked by Hecuba to allow her daughter to live since he owed Hecuba his life but he wouldnt allow it4What is a nomos Greek concept that means law custom to ask of a society What has authority5What destroys the nomos of Hecubas world The death of her son Polydorus and the death of her daughter Polyxena6What is Hecubas new nomos Solidarity and revenge
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