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Exam 2 Review

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Political Science
POLI 1001

Political Science 1001Exam 21 What is the difference between power and authority Power is the ability to exercise ones will over othersIt affects not only personal relationships but also shapes social groups organizations and governmentsAuthority is power that is accepted by people It is power in which people agree to follow because of the belief that it is beneficial or trueIdeologies transform power into authority 2 What are Euripides favorite themesAbnormal psychology what makes people go mad and succumb to madnessobsessionFemale heroines use of women is unusual for GreeksOpen questioning the religion and the Gods and the place of both in societyPhilosophical arguments sometimes seen as a fault because it breaks the drama 3 Who is Hecuba Polymestor Polydorus Polyxena Cassandra Agamemnon OdysseusHecuba wife of King Priam and Queen of Troy deceives Polymestor to come to Greece with the promise of gold she kills Polymestors sons and then blinds Polymestor she is enslaved her old nomos was betrayed so she took on a new nomos of revenge Polymestor King of Thrace trusted friend of Hecuba and Priam Godparent of Polydorus sent Polydorus to keep safe and live royally but killed Polydorus to keep the money used to raise Polydorus for himself doesnt honor Polydorus funeral and throws his body in the ocean after his son Hector is killed breaks the trust and nomos of the family Polydorus son of Hecuba and Priam killed by Polymestor his ghost opens the playPolyxena daughter of Hecuba and Priam sacrificed to the ghost of Achilles died nobly refusing to beg for her life because shed rather be dead than a slaveCassandra daughter of Hecuba and Priam mistress of Agamemnon nobody believes her predictions due to the curse Apollo put on herAgamemnon King of Troy and ruler of Greece from the war leads the trial against Hecuba and finds her guilty sentences Hecuba to death at sea Odysseus Greek General who Hecuba asks for help in saving her daughter Polyxena he refuses to help saying he owes Hecuba not her Polyxena 4 What is a nomosGreek concept beginning with the notion of custom we make laws that establish the customThe ground on which we stand what holds us together and makes us civilizedThe consensus we pose on values5 What destroys the nomos of Hecubas worldThe murder of her innocent son PolydorusThe failure of the King of Thrace Polymestor to care fornurture the childSenseless murder of her son as well as improper burialGreed of gold why he is killed by PolymestorBroken trust 6 What is Hecubas new nomos No regard for community family friendshipMotherly love turned into revenge murders the innocentModeration and Prudence are no moreJustice is now personal punishment7 What does the play Hecuba teach us about civilizationCivilization is fragile and it can easily be turned upside down8 What is nature vs nurture and what is its relevance to the playNature we are who we are because of the Gods fate or genetic makeup dictates it Nurture we are who we are because we are taught by societyparents that wayIn the play Hecuba brings the Gods and customs together 9 How does Gene Robinson say the nurture vs nature conflict is reconciled in the contemporary worldGene Robinson says that both genes and environment are important and that one does not take precedence over the other 10 What is a political culture What are the cognitive and affective components of a political culturePolitical culture the pattern of individual attitudes and orientations towards politics among the members of a political system Defines how people relate to one another in a political sense Cognitive component the individuals knowledge about political reality Affective component the individuals feelings towards political reality 11 What are democraticauthoritarian cultures Conflictualconsensual MaterialistPostmaterialistDemocraticAuthoritarianDemocratic political culture a culture that believes in the majorities in the context of minority rights go with majority but demand respect of minorities Democratic political cultures rarely go to war with each other ex USWestern Europe Authoritarian political culture a culture where decisions are made by a few and dissent isnt tolerated ConflictualConsensualConflictual settling problems with violence it is intervening though there may be other ways of resolving conflict More prone to engage in conflict Ex IrelandConsensual a culture where the will of the community is highly desirable Ex JapanMaterialistPostMaterialistMaterialist those interested in material economic security Ex Grandparents due to the depressionPostMaterialist are interested in the quality of life and fulfillment Ex Our generation12 What is socialization What interest does the state have in socialization Socialization is the process by which individuals learn the values and norms of their society passed on begins at birth and ends at deathPolitical socialization is the process by which individuals learn the political values and norms of their political culture The government achieves legitimacy through authority making people obey because they think it is the right thing to do
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