Metaphysics And Politics

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Metaphysics and PoliticsIMeta ta physicaMetaphysicsafter the nature of thingsFirst philosophy An inquiry into what is fundamental in realityoWhat does the universe consist ofoWhat is fundamental What is realityAEpistemologyHow do we know what we knowRationalistsEmpirical BOntologyWhat can we say about the beings in nature oSpecifically HumansDo we have a nature evilgoodrationalirrational What does it mean to existIs the human being free Are we capable of freedomCEthicsFairness justice etcoWhat is fair What is goodIIMaterialismMajor school of metaphysicsUniverse is composed of matter and that is the natural process of the universeNature is mechanical in its interactionoFollows natural lawsoNo Higher PowerADemocritus 460370 BCE and the AtomComes up with theory about nature that is similar to modern physicsTheorizes that there is something fundamental and unchanging oThe AtomTiny building blocks of natureEternal permanent unchangingBelieved they have hooks and barbs that connect and form something When the entity disintegrates the form returns to being individual atomsBelieved that human souls were composed of special smooth atoms that became new souls when a person diesBKarl Marx and Homo FaberBelieved that if you want to understand a society you have to look at its dominant tools and who owns themoModern day dominant till is the microchipoHomo FaberHumans controlling the environment around them through the use of tools1InfrastructureaProductive ForcesToolsbProductive RelationsClassesThose who own the tools exploit those who do notThose concerned with public interest have very little political representation2SuperstructureaPolitics Religion Art Law SciencesA reflection of and dependent on the InfrastructureFollow the Money Politics follows EconomicsIIIIdealismASocrates and the GoodSocratic Paradox oSocrates says lets not ask if anything is permanent instead lets ask if there is a good and if we can know it
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