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Political Science
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113CONGRESSSenateWhole stateEach has 2 usually not divided RDusually RR DDHouse of RepresentativesGeographic districtNumber of districts per state determined by apportionmentthe population in that state as population increases the number of reps will go up and vise versa Census is taken every 10 yearsRedistrictingThe process of redrawing district lines each 10 years due to population shiftsIt is the responsibility of the State Legislature controlled by its majority partyHighly Political party in control will draw lines to their advantageBaker v Carr 1962can sue if malapportionment existsmalapportionment the unequal populations across districtsWesberry V Sanders 1964one person one voteRedistricting ContGerrymander a district that is designed to maximize the majority partys political advantage MajorityMinority Districts districts where the majority of the population is minorityrace cant be the sole factor when drawing districts must not be bizarrely shapedBleaching making the districts whiter and more conservative by having a single or two majorityminority districtWho is a member of CongressOlder 5069mostly menmostly marriedmostly whitehave some religionwealthy Divided Governmentdifferent political parties control the presidency and one or both houses of congressThe Incumbent Advantageconstituency service seeking help from senatorfranking PR paid for by tax payers mailpork barrel legislation bringing money tax dollars to your districtfree media attention quoted in the paper talk on local news Increases name recognition which leads to doing better in electionseasier to raise moneywar chests scare off competitionTo succeed the challenger needsscandalstrong name recognitionlots of moneyUS term limits inc v Thornton 1995 supreme court said that if you want to shift number of terms the voters must vote to change itonly at state level 118House of RepresentativesSpeaker of the housetoday speaker has less power BUT has influence oncommittee assignmentswhat committees bills are assigned toallocation of campaign fundshas the sole power to recognize who will speak on the floorthHouse of Representatives Leadership112 CongressSpeaker of the House John Boehner ROHMajority Leader Eric Cantor RVAMinority Leader Nancy Pelosi DCA
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