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CH 11 14 (Got A+ on the test)

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Louisiana State University
Political Science
POLI 2051

Final Exam ReviewPOLI 2051 Dr KennyCh 11 CongressApproval of Congress relative to the presidentCongress tends to be less popular than the presidentBasic info on CongressBicameral2 separate and powerful chambers so that legislation could occur only after patient deliberation and there would be equal representation throughout the countryPractical the Great Compromise had to move Constitutional Convention forward by fixing the issue of representation Senate equal and House based on populationPhilosophicalfear of creating too powerful of a central government and by splitting it power is decentralized keep power dispersed checks and balancesHouse of Representatives 2 year terms based on population Branch that is closest to the people 435 members seats get reapportioned every 10 yearsoSouthwest picking up numbers Middle US and Southwest losing 1 Member750000Senate 6 year termsthese terms are staggered each 2 years only 13 of the senators are up for reelectionTherefore every 6 years must pass to renew entire Senatethevery 2 years there is a new Congress We are now on our 113 groupCongressional organization LeadershipoHouseSpeaker of the House second person in line for presidency selects committees and their chairs Chair of Rules Committee which controls flow of legislation in the House referral bills for hearings and reviews control House Agenda and direct floor debateMajority Leaderplan strategy and manage the legislative business of the HouseMajority Whip the majority leaders deputy carrying out many of the tasks of getting bills passed counting votes and twisting armsMinority Leader acts as chief spokesperson and legislative strategist for the opposition keeps forces together but also seeks out members of the majority who might vote against the Majority PartyMinority Whip help with the minority leader count and mobilize votesoSenatePresident Pro Tempore exercise little influenceSenate Majority Leader some influence in committee assignments office space designation control of access to the floor of the Senate schedules the business of the Senate and give advice on how to allocate money for incumbents seeking reelection
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