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Chapter 12Presidential PowerIFramers of the Constitution were fearful of a strong executive Constitutional powers show thisaAct as administrative head of the nationbServe as commander in chief of the militarycConvene CongressdVeto legislationeAppoint top officialssenate can reject thesefMake treatiesgGrant reprieves and pardons1Casper Weinberger pardoned by Bush long investigation dealt with guns for hostages He didnt want him to testify Most have a few of these that Presidents pardon at the end of his presidency Pardon people who had been convicted of crimes but had been big donors to their campaigns2Unless they can prove they gave money to be pardoned cant override pardons at all It rarely gets you anything almost always negativehRequest opinions in writing from executive officials1Our consulate was overrun and we didnt know right away what happened still sorting it through Getting a lot of reports about what really did happeniProvide information to Congress and recommend measures for considerationj CHECKS AND BALANCEShow can these powers be checked There are ways for the presidents to get around these and gain powerthere isnt always the whole story givenIIExpansion of presidential power2 main waysaStretch the formal powers1Inherent pow
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