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Final Exam ReviewPOLI 2051 Dr KennyCh 11 CongressApproval of Congress relative to the presidentoCongress tends to be less popular than the presidentBasic info on CongressoWhy is it bicameral why are there two chambers1Practical ReasonsCame from the Great Compromise2Philosophical ReasonsTo keep power spread out and dispersedHouse of RepresentativesoRepresentation based on populationo435 Totalo2 year termsoSeats are reapportioned every ten years because we get the census back every ten yearsoEntire membership elected in November of even number yearsSenateo2 Per stateo100 totalo6 year terms that are staggeredStaggered means that only 13 of the seats are up for election in each two year election cycle This is so that it does not change radically in one electionoThis means one third elected in November of even numbered yearsCongressional organization oLeadershipthe political parties work through the leadership structure of congress because the leaders of the majority political party are at the same time the leaders of the House and the Senate Leaders know the top postsLeadership in the HouseoThe speaker of the house the person who is recognized in the constitution and stands second in the line of succession to the president after the vice presidentoNancy Pelosi from 20072010oTodays speaker is John BoehneroWhip a political party member in congress charged with keeping members informed of the plans of the party leadership counting the votes before action and rounding up party members for votes on billsoMajority LeaderoMinority Leader The minority party elects this person to act as the chief spokesperson and legislative strategist for the oppositionLeadership in the SenateoPresident Pro TemperateoSenate Majority LeaderoThe senate remains a body of independent relatively equal members loosely tied togetherby threads of party loyalty ideology and mutual concern about the next electionCommitteesSubcommitteesStanding Committeesrelatively permanent congressional committees that address specific areas of legislationSelect Committees temporary committees in congress created to conduct studies or investigations They have no power to report billsConference Committees made up of members of both the Senate and the House of Representatives Set up to reconcile differences in the provisions of billsJoint Committeescongressional committees with members from both the House and the SenateStaff have more power than you may thinkWhat are the advantages of being the majority party1Control the agenda2Assign committee chairs3Appoint key leaders4Oversight of executive branch this becomes more important when we have a divided governmentWhat party holds the majority in the house right nowoRepublicansWhat party holds the majority in the senate right nowoDemocratsCongressional functionsoLawmakingknow the basic steps of how a bill becomes law1Bill Introduced only by a member of congress2Bill is then sent to committee where 80 of bills die
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