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Exam 3 Notes (got the best grade in class)

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Political Science
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POLI 2051

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QuizFranklin RooseveltNew DealExpanding presidential Poli 2051Exam ThreeChapter 11 CongressApproval ratings Always low ratings when surveyedCongress Approval At An All Time Low at 10August 14 2012 by Frank NewportPRINCETON NJTen percent of Americans in August approve of the job Congress is doing tying last Februarys reading as the lowest in Gallups 38year history of this measure Eightythree percent disapprove of the way Congress is doing its jobCongress approval was 30 in Gallups first measure using this question wording in April 1974 and has averaged 34 across the more than 230 times it has been measured since Congress approval has been below 40 since early 2005 and below 20 every month since June 2011dropping to 10 in February of this year and again nowBefore 2007 Congress approval had been below 20 only twicein 1979 and 1992 The highest congressional job approval in Gallups history was 84 in October 2001 a month after the Sept 11 terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington DCCongressional approval is down among all political groups and is now virtually the same across these groupswith Democrats at 9 independents at 11 and Republicans at 10 Democrats approval declined the most from 18 in JulyBottom LineAlthough Americans have generally been more negative than positive in their assessments of Congress over the past four decades opinions have been especially negative in recent years
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