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Exam 1 Review (got 94% in the course)

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Political Science
POLI 2051
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Exam 1 reviewThe items with aby them are topics that have given students trouble on this exam in the pastChapter 1 What is government and why do we have itGovernment is a formally established way of making and carrying out political decisionsPolitics is the competition to shape the governments impact on societys problems and goals Social Contract Theory is a general contract between the people and their government agreeing to carry out the duties expected of one anotheroThe social contract is normative rather than empirical meaning that it outlines how the government should be not how it is Governments policies protecting lifeprotecting rights and libertiesproviding public goodspromoting equalityThese purposes can cause conflict People argue over which purposes are most important and which should be enforced the most These differences can be understood in terms of Political Ideology which is defined as a set of beliefs about how policies effect society and which policies are desirableThere are four political ideologiesLiberals open to new behavior and opinions and willing to discard traditionConservative hold traditional attitudes and values cautious about changes or innovation in politics or religion typicallyPopulist seek to represent the interest of ordinary peopleLibertarian support free willPolicy Political ProcessPeople interests problems concernsLinkage Processes elections polls lobbyingLinkage Institutions political parties interest groups mediaGovernmental AgendaGovernment Congress President CourtsPolicies expenditures regulations taxes nondecisionEffects People
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