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POLI 2051

Anmeans that the question or questions from this section have been particularly problematic in the pastCh 5Public OpinionWhat is it The collected attitudes of citizens on a given issue or questionUsed to be about matters that were politically relevant but nowadays almost anythingWhy is it important In a democracy there must be some links between what the public thinkswhat the government does The nature of that link can vary greatly at first the link was weak only white men with property could vote nowadays everyone can vote for more officesfor more direct thingsthe link has gotten strongerif we dont have that link then we dont have a representative democracyIts a nation of the peopleif the government ignores the public in every single way then we dont have a democracyShould the public just periodically elect representatives or should they actively engage in the policymaking processoIts the delegate versus trustee distinction we made earlier should the public be involved in policies or should the people we elect make those decisionsDelegate a person sent or authorized to represent others in particular an elected representative sent to conferenceTrustee an individual person or member of a board given control or powers of administration or property in trust with a legal obligation to administer it solely for the purposes specifiedThere is also the question of whether the public is capable of governing Surveys show that peopleoAre not very interested in politicsoAre ignorant of much that goes on politically by asking factual questions or policy questions like on health care budget on foreign ad progressiveregressive taxesoRely heavily on cuesshortcuts rather than informed issue positions they rely on a certain party or the media or a trusted friend or a groupHe says people still do a good jobvote the way they should anywaySIDE NOTEWhat is SequestrationoA series of across the board cuts to government agencies totaling 12 trillion over 10 years The cuts are split 5050 between defensedomestic discretionary spendingWho is most interested in Public OpinionElected OfficialsoPublic opinion may influence government decisionmakingExample When Clinton stood by his decision because the polls favored him rather than the RepublicansExample Obamas decision not to renew the wealthy tax break because of the public opinion on it
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