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Final Exam Review

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Final Exam ReviewPOLI 2051 Dr KennyCh 11 CongressApproval of Congress relative to the presidentCongress tends to be less popular than the presidentWe dont like our congress as a whole but we like our individual congress people because we send them back again and again people think oh ours is good but everyone else stinks We know this because not a single person in the class rated the congress as excellentBasic info on Congressbicameralwhy two chambers House of Representatives and SenatePractical and philosophical reasonsKnow eachPractical The great compromise the shape and representation through legislature We said all states want equal representations so we have one chamber based on population and the other is a set number across the board for every statePhilosophical To avoid any concentration of power in a particular part of the government checks and balances to avoid a Hitler situation If you compare our congress to a parliament ours is unique because an individual in congress has more power House of Representatives 2 year terms based on population minimum one representative It is the only part of the federal government that is directly voted for by the people this is the peoples branch The number of seats given to each state is reapportioned every ten years Senate 6 year termsthese terms are staggeredEqual representation two from every state The representatives are voted on by state legislatures Serves six year terms but only one third of the senate is up for election So every two years one third of the senate is up for election Congressional organization Leadershipknow leadership positions committeesubcommittees know types of committeesstaffSpeaker of the House is the leader in the House of Representatives Democrat Nancy Pelosi until 2010 now John BoehnerThe majority party in the house also selects a majority leader to help the speaker to plan strategy and manage the legislative business of the house and a majority whip The minority party also elects a minority party leader The Senate majority leader is the closest it comes to being a leader in the senateStanding committees are set up permanently as specified in the House and Senate rules These committees are the first stop for potential new laws Select committees are usually temporarily created by congressional leaders to conduct studies or investigations They have no power to send bills to the house or the senate Conference committee is the committee that irons out the differences between the House and Senate versions of a bill What are the advantages of being the majority partyControl the agendaAssign committee chairsAppoint key leaders
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