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Exam 3 Review

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Louisiana State University
Political Science
POLI 2051

Final Exam ReviewPOLI 2051 Dr KennySpring 2013Ch 11 CongressApproval of Congress relative to the presidentCongress tends to be less popular than the presidentBasic info on Congressbicameralwhy two chambersPractical and philosophical reasonsKnow eachHouse of Representatives 2 year termsSenate 6 year termsthese terms are staggeredKnow what that meansCongressional organization Leadershipknow leadership positions and know the names of the Speaker of the House and Majority Leader of the Senatecommitteesubcommittees know types of committeesstaffWhat are the advantages of being the majority partyControl the agendaAssign committee chairsAppoint key leadersOversight of executive branchCongressional functionsLawmakingknow the basic steps of how a bill becomes lawRepresentingceremonial appearances speeches etcdelegates vs trustees Congressional elections two important regularitiesIncumbents rarely loseWhyHost of official resources franked mail etcEasier time raising moneyEtcPresidents party loses seats in the midterm electionWhyWhen has it NOT happened most recentlyTheories that try to explain the midterm loss phenomenonSurge and decline theoryReferendum theoryBalance theoryWhat factors determine the size of the midterm loss
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