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Exam 2 Review

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POLI 2051
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POLI 2051 Dr KennyExam 2 reviewAnmeans that the question or questions from this section have been particularly problematic in the pastCh 6Public OpinionDefinition the collected attitudes of citizens on a given issue or question revealed by surveysWhy is it important In a democracy there has to be a connection between what the public wants and what the government does rep democracy Who is most interested in Public OpinionWhere does it come from Political socialization complex process in which individuals learn about politics We learn these things they occur throughout our livesGenerational effects specific age groups uniquely affected by set of events like Vietnamr the Great DepressionLife cycle effects political views affected by maturationPeriod effects historical events affect everyone Ex end of Cold War made people want to spend less in defense Political socialization and the agents of socializationFamily religious traditionsCommunity and peers peer pressureSchool US history and how to be a good citizenOur behavior may also be based on our biologyNature vs Nurtureboth are importantHow do we know what it is We used to have to guess but now we do pollsHow do they workThe statistical theory of sampling a sample of individuals selected by chance from any population is representative of that populationWhat determines the accuracy of a pollthe way the sample is selectedthe size of the samplethe way the survey is put togetherquestion wording survey responses on welfare vs assisting the poor leading questions social desirability question clarity doublebarreled question question require knowledge the person doesnt haveQuestion orderingSurvey responses on question about whether reporters should be able to report the news from other countries as they see fit
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