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POLI 2053
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October 3 2012Additional NYT readingsSep 27 Former Prime Minister of JapanPg 8 Brief articles on Germany and Great Britain Pg 11 Political Shifts in Bavaria Pg 11 A Tory His BikeSep 28 Pg 6 Osaka Mayors Radical MessageOct 2 Pg 4 US Sends New Aircraft to OkinawaPg 6 Brief articles on Japan and GermanyPg 26 Spanish Protests and German PrescriptionsPg B1 Conflict Over Love Hotel Sale Overview of key conceptsParliamentarismParliamentary Diplomacy Political system in which the government is created out of the Parliamentary majority or the legislature which is led by the Prime MinisterIf one party cannot be the majority then the other two parties form a coalition Britain France Japan and GermanyFederalism Government function and activity is divided into different sectorsPower is distributed between central state and local governmentGermany is called the Bundes Republik bundescentral it is federalistNames of Hollandes womenValerie Trevrweilerzcurrent girlfriendSegolene Royaleformer girlfriend of 20 years who he has 4 kids with
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