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POLI 2053
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103 Additional NYT reading Thursday sept 27 former PM of japanPg 8 brief articles on Germany 2 and GB 1Pg11 political shifts in BavariaA Tory His BikethFriday sept 28thPg 6 Osaka Mayous radical messagendTuesday oct 2 US sends new aircraft to OkinawaPg 6 JapanGermanyPg 26 Spanish protest and German prescriptionsPgB Conflicts over love hotel saleOktoberfest in Germany has started Overview of key conceptsoParliamentarismdefinition a political system in which the government is created outside the legislative majorityHeaded by a PMStays in office as long as his party controls the legislativeIf one party cannot control a majority a coalition can be formedHappenedning in britaint Germany and FranceoFederalismGovernment is divided between central government and state and sometimes a local government ExamplesThe USGermany the Bundes federal Repubilc oA name only east germany used to haveoNames of hollandes womanndValerie Treuweilen 2 wifestSegolene Royale 1 wife4 male kids never husband an wifeoThey were partnersShe ran for PresHurting the image of Hollande that these woman and him do not get alongASimilarities between Germany and Japan1both countries have parliamentary systemsjapan has a bicameral system upper house house of councilors lower house house of repsso does Germany upper house Bundesrat lower house bundesragthe governments of the two countries were created from the majority parties that are in their legislaturein the case of japan the democratic party of japan DPJin Germany Christian Democratic Union CDUthe sister party is the CSU Christian socialist partyoexists only in Bavaria capital of Munichonot socialist howeverthey are known together as the CDUCSUthe opposition party the SPD is gaining groundothe SPD controls munich2weak heads of state result of parliamentary systemin Japan it is the Emperorin Germany it is the Bunderpresident the current chancellor and president are both from east Germanyoeast Germany remains the weakest link in the german systemtheir function is largely ceremonialthe german president is supposed to rise the consciencemoral of the countryjapan emp Does not play much of a role in the systemthis is due to the history of the two countries characterized by warfareGermany terrorized Europe Japan terrorized AsiaBoth lost in the warThis lead to the growing influence of the USoPpl suggest that the US wrote the constitution of the two countriesThese two countries have been reduced to pacifist countriesoUS troops are still present in the areaPpl in the area are not happy about itThese two countries have dominated the economy Dont spend money on armies they spend it on technology cars3Rise of new political parties in recent timesIn Germany the pirate party
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