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2053 FINAL EXAM2 (98% on the test)

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Louisiana State University
Political Science
POLI 2053

2053FINALEXAMQuestions for MokebaWhat recent developments should we discuss in the third essayDo we need to compare the two countries or just discuss recent eventsEssay 1What are the reasons for the stability that exists in Russia and ChinaStrong Party StructureChina The one party system allows the CCP to operate with no opposition Since the Communist Revolution of 1949 the Chinese Communist Party has been the only established partyOther parties are there to advise not challenge the partysupposed resemble competitionThe CCP is more important than the Chinese governmentthey simply just apply the partys wishespeople hear no oppositionCCP elects several different interest groups into the party structure most prominently the militaryprevents uprisings that end most communist reignsThe hierarchical Chinese system is uniquethe higher the chain of command the less people there areeasier for government to control societyRussiaThe United Russia party was started in 2001 and has been very popular thanks to Putinvery young party striving to be like the CCPThe United Russia party dominates the Russian systemit resembles a one party system similar to the CCPMany believe the losses taken in the 2010 elections were allowedin order to make it appear that there is competition similar to Chinas political partiesThe political monopolies held by the CCP and UR allow the parties to govern uninterrupted and unchallenged which has provided stability for both countriesLeadershipRussiaGorbachevThe last general secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet UnionHe was a revolutionary for Russia because of his reformsGlasnostpolitical opennessPerestroikaeconomic restructuring He laid the framework for leaders of the Russian Federation by bringing reform and opennessYeltsinNot an effective leaderGave too much power from KremlinNot willing to deal with the Communist partyThe constitution he passed allowed for future presidents to have more powercreated more of a dictatorial presidencyCompletely independent of the DumaHe can ignore his cabinet and rule be decreePutinDespite his corruption he uplifted the Russian political system because he was a strong effective and popular leaderHe had a lot of control thanks to the Constitutionhe had a far reaching impactHe was given credit for leadership during the Chechnya crisisHe lowered seats in the upper house to bring more power back to the Kremlinstrong national government provides more stabilityHe appealed to the Communists in the Lower House by bringing back the Soviet National AnthemYeltsin could not do thislet him be a more effective leader
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