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Political Science
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MARX 1800s activist for changeHobbes 151600sstability and orderHegelian Philosophy of RightNatural Condition state of warCivil society sought in political economy1 All kill each otherEvery man enter relationship of PRODUCTION2 All think were rightLegal relationhuman development rooted inNatural Right self preservation Material conditions of lifeNatural liberty ability to move aroundBourgeois relations of production are last Power a means to attain good Antagonistic form of social productionNatural Law seek peace through reasonLabor is a COMMODITY 1 Seek peace self preservationLabor value of labor 2 Seek contract give up natural rights SUPERSTRUCTURETo ensure survival make covenant LeviathanCivil SocietyLaw CultureGovtLeviathan must be deferential to protectReligionPoliticsGovt use TERROR to rule Beesants analogy BASEFoundationMen must confer power to one man SOVERIGNEconomicsClass StructureSovereign has all rights cant make man harm Material World Mode of Production himself cant leave cant in another contractEstrangement from LaborArtificial mancommon wealth links bw laws1 Alienation from objectproduct of laborCommon wealthliberty to resist invade 2 Alienation from Work act of productionSicknesscivil war people fighting3 Alienation from yourself lose reality4 Alienation from other men species of manBurke 1700sStability and orderThe history of all hitherto society is the historyOf class strugglesLiberty when people act together it becomes powerBourgeois came from serfs of Middle agesFrench mad with leaders because they are poor1 Abolished feudal systemDrag king and queen to center and kill them2 Converted workers to wage laborTradition3 Reduced family valuesChivalryMonarchyBeautyManners Culture4 Exploited world market Cheap commoditiesFeudalism ArtScienceDeferring to AuthorityPROLETARIANS weapons made by BourgeoisRevolutionariesClass of labors who work to liveEqualityCOLD REASON Democratic reform Sell them as commodityNew philosophy humanity to animalism
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