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Poli Theo Midterm Study Guide

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Louisiana State University
Political Science
POLI 2060

Thomas Hobbes Leviathan Part 1State of NatureState of WarNatural RightNatural LawLeviathan LimitsNatural LibertySelfPreservation you can defend your natural right to life and your able to do any and everythingNatural law You will seek peace and give up your natural right and develop a social right and contract to an individual sovereign or rulerForgiving seek peaceOnce we give up our rights to the sovereign has to keep those rightsYou have Natural LibertyWe need a sovereign to avoid a natural state of natureKarl Marx The Communist ManifestoClass conflictmodes of productionbase and superstructurealienated labormeans of productionpropertyClass Conflict between the poor and the richHobbes says it is individuals but Marx says its class conflict that is the cause of conflict throughout historyFeudalismCapitalismCommunismHobbes thinks there is an artificial leviathan that can solve these conflictsYour mind is formed from whatever mode of production we are in Bourgeois put a legislation where the rich could control the powerHobbes things government Marx thinks it is economicsThe more you provide your labor the less it is neededYou are alienated from yourself the product and societyalienated laborThe owners of capital dont allow you to get a leg upEdmund Burke Reflections
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