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African Govt Study Guide Final Review

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10 pts1 Write a letter to a friend in which you explain to them the state in which Africa is inexplain the democracywhat and whyDemocracy is slowing sweeping the African continent after a long period of autocratic rulers oppressive regimes and violent lengthy wars There are many reasons for the rise of democracy such as international pressure the eastern European effect the end of communism as well as internal pressure I am of the opinion that all of these factors played a major role in setting the stage for democracy yet internal pressure was the driving force in the end Internal forces were no longer willing to except their decline and were finally willing to risk everything for it In the past Africa seemed to long for democracy but the state government and leadership wasnt willing to permit it They refused to allow it because it was too lucrative for elites such as US Britain France and USSR along with the leaders of these countries to allow Africa to succeedTo me civil society movements composed of students religious leaders and even ordinary people were the main influence in the push for democracyIn Zambia the Congress of Trade Unions and its chairman Frederick Chiluba successfully challenged the threedecade incumbency of President Kenneth Kaunda and his UIP union activism was also pivotal in Mali and Niger Students engaged in riots protesting about their conditions and the conditions of the country such as economic mismanagement Several other groups joined the students in protests and strikes The military also got involved in some instances For example in Mali a military official Amadou Toure took over Mali after 200 students were killed during a protest Toure set up a transitional government and held a national conference to decide on a new government After the conference Mali emerged as a true democracy Ordinary citizens also managed to change the political systems in some cases Such as in Cameroon one man argued that the constitution talked of political parties in the plural Therefore he created his own political party and everyone who was dissatisfied with the governing party at the time joined his party Today Cameroon now has over 80 political parties In the search and spread forof democracy there have been many successes such as South Africa Senegal Ghana Botswana and Mauritius Although there have also been failures such as Angola DR Congo and Swaziland However democracy is currently in an infantile state yet should continue to flourish Through the achievement of political stability economic stability is sure to follow and eventually trickle down Although the political systems in Africas past have generally failed and the current ones havent brought about much yet these new legitimate forms have a much better prospect of success
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