15 Mar 2019

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Bolshevek revolution of 1917: marxist/communist overthrow of russian government, conflict theory: society is in a state of perpetual conflict due to competition for limited resources. Schenck v. us 1919: facts: charles schenck, the general secretary of the socialist party of philadelphia, printed. 14,000 pamphlets and mailed them to men recently drafted to fight in wwi. He was charged with violating the espionage act (conspired to obstruct military recruitment and illegally used the mail to do so). Schenck was convicted in federal district court, and he appealed on 1st amendment grounds: not all speech is protected can"t shout fire in a crowded theatre. Abrams v. us 1919: facts: jacob abrams and four other well-educated russian immigrants were convicted of violating the espionage act. They lived in the us for between 5-15 years and never applied for naturalization. They published and distributed pamphlets, written in english and yiddish, criticizing president wilson"s decision to send us troops to russia.

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