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PERSONALITYA persons unique and relatively stable behavior patterns of thinking feeling and actingSigmund FreudPsychodynamic theorypersonalitybehavior is determined by unconscious psychological conflicts early childhoodThe consciouswhatever we are aware of at any given momentThe preconsciouseverything we know but not aware of at the moment longterm memoryThe unconsciousthings so anxietyprovoking that they were removed from consciousnessComponents to PersonalityIdcontains basic impulses and urges present at birth totally unconsciousoPleasure principledesire for pleasure and immediate satisfactionoExample devil on shoulderSuperegomoral behavior learned from parents and culture moral compassoIdealistic principleact proper and ideal as defined by parents and cultureoExample angel on shoulderEgomediates conflicts between the id and the superego directs rational behavioroReality principlecompromise between the id and superego delays pleasure until appropriateoReduces anxietyDefense Mechanisms EgoRepressionunconsciously pushing threatening memories from conscious awareness deep unconsciousProjectionunconsciously attributing ones own unacceptable feelings to another person oExample calling the girl a slut accusing loved one of cheating when you are cheatingDenialdiscounting the existence of threatening situations deny cheatingRationalizationattempting to make actions or mistakes seem reasonableRegressionrevert to behavior that reduced anxiety earlier in development hissy fit until loved one takes himher backReaction formationdefending against unacceptable impulses by acting opposite them homophobe hates LGBT community possible unconscious homosexual desiresDisplacementdeflecting an impulse from its original target to a less threatening one mad at boss take anger out on othersSublimationconverting unacceptable impulses into socially acceptable actions by symbolically expressing them surgeonunconsciously wants to cut peopleCompensationstriving to make up for unconscious shortcoming feelings woman driving a HummerPsychosexual Stages of DevelopmentPsychosexual stageseach stage has a part of the body that reduces anxiety when stimulated an erogenous zoneFixationunconscious preoccupation with the area of pleasure associated with that stageOral StageBirth to 1 yearThe mouth is the center of pleasure and conflict erogenous zoneWeaning is the psychosexual issuetaken off too early or too late
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