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Exam 2 Study Guide With Answers

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Louisiana State University
PSYC 2000

Psyc 2000 04 Exam 2 Study GuideThe following is a GUIDE to help you concentrate your study time Moodle Quiz 2 is designed to accompany this guide to further help you study Remember you have from 8AM on Monday 35 until 10PM on Friday 39 to take the quiz Although we have covered modules out of order the guide is arranged with them in order If you are able to answer the questions for each module you will be wellprepared for the test This exam will have 50 multiple choice questions Two of these questions will be on the Bjork Craik chapter that we are covering on RLR Quiz 2 on Thursday 31 The study guide does NOT include questions regarding the RLR chapter The rest of the questions are from the text andor the lecture Things I saidand things that are IN CLASS ONLYIN THE BOOK ONLY are fair game as it says in the syllabus So you should be studying BOTH the book and your notespowerpointsModules included on this exam 7 8 9 10 19 20 21 22 23 24 31 36 and 37 Note Module 38 is NOT on the examModule 7What is selective attentionoThe focusing of conscious awareness on a particular stimulusWhat are the two pathways for visual information after initial processing in the occipital cortexoDorsal where and ventral what pathwayWhat is blindsight and how is it explainedoInattentional blindnessFailing to see visible objects when our attention is directed elsewhereoChange blindnessFailing to notice changes in the environmentWhat are the effects of divided attention on task performanceoThen brain can only really focus on one thing at a timeModule 8What is a circadian rhythmoThe biological clockoRegular bodily rhythms that occur on a 24hour cycleHow are dreams explained according to Freuds dream theoryoFreud says that we dream to satisfy our own wishes His theories focus on manifest content expresses latent unacceptable urge810 dreams have negative emotional content
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