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Psychology Exam 4 Study Guide Part 1

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PSYC 2000 Exam 4 Study GuideModule 451What is personalityan individuals characteristic pattern of thinking feeling and acting2What are the 3 components of Freuds personality structure What does each one representId pleasure principle seeks immediate gratification primaryprocess thinking unconscious Ego reality principle takes into account what we are able to do decisionmaking secondaryprocess thinking conscious preconsciousunconsciousSuperego moral imperatives rules laws social standards right from wrong conscious preconscious subconscious3What are the defense mechanisms proposed by Freud that we use to reduce anxiety caused by conflicts of our personalityrationalization repression projection displacement4What are Freuds 5 psychosexual stagesoral anal phallic latency genitalModule 461What is humanistic perspective of personality and what does it emphasizeemphasized human potential and positive aspects of people selfdetermination and selfrealization2What are the characteristics of selfactualizing people according to Maslowspontaneity simplicity naturalness autonomy independence of culture and environment feelings of identification with the human race balance between polarities in personality selfaware and selfaccepting loving and caring selfsecure3What did Carl Rogers perspective focus on How does one achieve a positive selfconceptUnconditional Positive Regard an attitude of acceptance despite our failiingsModule 471What are traitsan individuals unique constellation of durable and consistent ways of behaving2What are the personality dimensions proposed by Eysenck What are some traits within each dimensionstableunstable introvertedextroverted3What are the Big Five Factors of personality What are some traits within eachagreeableness modest trusting cooperative conscientiousness constraint diligent punctual dependable openness to experience curious flexible imaginative extraversion positive emotionality neuroticism negative emotionality anxious vulnerable
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