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Chapter 7 Study Guide

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Louisiana State University
PSYC 2000

Chapter 7 Study Guide Thinking 1 What are ways in which we thinkHow do we think using images Thinking cognition is mental activity that goes on in the brain when a person is organizing and attempting to understand information and communicating information to othersWays in which we think include mental imagery problem solving concept formation judgment and decisionmaking learning and memory and languageWe often think using mental imagesmental representations that stand for objects or events and have a picturelike quality2 What is a conceptA prototype Concepts are groupings of similar objects events ideas or people defined by common features they shareThere are three groupings of conceptssuperordinate concept basic level type and subordinate conceptA prototype is an example of a concept that closely matches the defining characteristics of a conceptThe more closely something matches our prototype the more easily we recognize it as an example3 What are the different ways in which we solve problems Problem solving is the process of cognition that occurs when a goal must be reached by thinking and behaving in certain waysProblems have at least two statesinitial state and goal stateThere are three types of problem solvingtrial and error algorithm and heuristicSometimes we are unaware of using a problemsolving strategyinsight or the Aha momentInsight is typically preceded by frontal lobe activity involved in focusing attention and accompanied by a burst of activity in the right temporal lobe just above the eara What are the advantagesdisadvantages of using algorithmsHeuristics An algorithm is a stepbystep process that guarantees a solution and usually takes the longest type of problem solving
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