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PSYC 2000 Exam 2 Study Guide

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PSYC 2000
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PSYC 2000 Exam 2 Study GuideModule 111What is the naturenurture debate How do nature and nurture interactaNature side only states that personalities are influences by genetic factors and remain consistent across the life spanbNurture side only states that we are all essentially the same at birth and we are the product of our experiences Our experiences make us who we arecThey interact most of our genes are similar to everyone elses blond hair green eyes etc but the differences are the unexpressed genes and those are influenced by the environment dExample The Jim TwinseGenesenvironmentYOU2What is behavior genetics and the genomeaBehavior genetics the study our difference and weight the relative effects of heredity and environmentbGenome hereditary information3What are the results of twin studies on temperament and personalityaTemperamentiStability across developmental stagesiiMore similar temperament in identical twinsbTemperament is stable over time an easygoing baby is going to grow up and be more relaxed than an uptight baby4What are the results of adoption studies What do biological parents influence more and what do adoptive parents influence moreaChildren that are adopted are most like the biological parents in things like personality However they are more like their adoptive parents in the things like faith political views environmentalbEnvironment can influence which genes are expressed ie someones personality can be a result of their experiences5What is heritability aThe extent to which variation among individuals can be attributed to their genesiThe environment can determine the height of someone Someone who has the potential to be 66 may only reach 59 due to poor nutritionModule 121How is the brain affected by enriched versus impoverished environmentsaA rat put into a small plain cage alone doesnt have any interaction Rats being put into larger with ramps and other toys and other rats will have interaction The rats in the larger cage will have a development of certain brain cells whereas the lone rat will not2What is pruningaTrimming neurons that we dont use3How does culture influence developmentaWhat behavior is accepted b4What are cultural norms What examples does the book provide on differences in cultural normsaNormsrules for accepted and expected behavior bExample personal space Some cultures are more excepting of certain things example Latin culture are more accepting to having someone up close and personal in their space where as we as Americans are less likely to accept that behavior5What are the differences between individualism and collectivismaCollectivism more importance of community making choices that are best for the groupbIndividualism more importance on being individual and making choices that are more important to us 6What are some social influences on gender rolesaBoys are looked at as more aggressive and independentbGirls are looked at as more nurturing and dependentiTest a baby wears the opposite colors girl wears blue and boy wears pink adults interact with the children differently When the adult interacted with the boy wearing pink adults were more tender with the
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