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PSYC 2000 Exam 1 Study GuideChapter 11What is the definition of psychology How did the definition evolve since the beginningPsychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes Beginning to the 1920sThe Science of Mental Life1920s to 1960sThe scientific study of observable behaviorTODAYScientific study of behavior and mental processes2What is hindsight bias and why is it important in psychologyHindsight Bias is the tendency to believe after learning an outcome that one would have foreseen it Psychology is a science that prevents possible biases from leading to faulty observations 3What are the goals of psychology1Description What2Explanation Why3Prediction Will it happen again4Control How can it be changed4What are the components of a scientific attitude and what do each mean include critical thinking as a component1CuriosityA passion to explore and understand without misleading or being misled2SkepticismA questioning attitude towards knowledge facts or opinions stated as facts3HumilityAn awareness of our own vulnerability to error and an openness to surprises and new perspectives4Critical ThinkingMaking reasoned judgments about claims 5What are the main differences between a psychologist and a psychiatristPsychologists study assess and treat troubled people with psychotherapyPsychiatrists are medical professionals who use treatments like drugs and psychotherapy to treat psychologically diseased patients 6What are the different types of psychologists and what are their main areas of study You should be able to apply the definitions to specific examples eg what type of psychologist would study the impact of group pressure on behavior 1Research PsychologistsaBiologicalExplore the links between brain and mindbDevelopmentalStudy changing abilities from womb to tombcCognitiveStudy how we perceive think and solve problemsdPersonalityInvestigate our persistent traitseSocialExplore how we view and affect one another2Applied PsychologistsaClinicalStudies assesses and treats people with psychological disordersbCounselingHelps people cope with academic vocational and marital challengescEducationalStudies and helps individuals in school and educational settingsdIndustrialOrganizationalStudies and advises on behavior in the workplace7What are the different research methods that psychologists use to answer research questions Be sure to know the difference between description correlation and experimentation explanation methodsDescription
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