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Exam 4 Study Guide - Completed (97% in the course

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Exam 4 Study GuideChapter 12Social Psychology1Define conformity book definitionChanging ones own behavior to match that of other people 2 Define cognitive dissonance book definitionSense of discomfort or distress that occurs when a persons behavior does not correspond to that persons attitude 3 Define the fundamental attribution error book definitionThe tendency to overestimate the influence of internal factors in determining behavior while underestimating situational factors 4 What are the two routes to persuasion discussed in classa Central Routea convincing argumentb Peripheral Routeincidental cues 5 What are two persuasion techniques discussed in classFootinthedoor techniqueasking for a small commitment and after gaining compliance asking for a bigger commitment Doorintheface techniqueAsking for a large commitment and being refused and then asking for a smaller request People are more likely to comply with small request6 How can group discussions influence attitudesInstead of deciding that an idea is practical you will more concerned about adhering to the conformity You want to be like everyone in the group and will go to extremes 7 What are the 3 biggest predictors of attractiona Physical Attractiveness attracted to their bodyb Proximity being physically or geographically near someone else People closer to you be more likely to be your friendc Similaritythings people have in common such as attitudes beliefs and interests 8 What is social exchange theory What social norms might affect altruistic behaviorThat any action you take will have both positive and negative effects ReciprocityWhen we feel like we should help someone who helped us in the past repay themResponsibilityfeel like its our job to help those who need it 9 What is kin selectionIf someone is genetically related to us we will be more likely to help them10 What are the 5 types of implicit prejudice a Unconscious Patronizationcutting someone slack because of the group they are apart of
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