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Exam 4 Review Sheet

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Louisiana State University
PSYC 2000

PSYC2000Exam4ReviewSheetChapter131HowisFreudsconceptionofthemindsimilartoanicebergWhatdothedifferentlevelsrepresentAbovethesurfaceisconsciousmindBelowthesurfaceispreconsciousBelowthatisunconsciousConsciouswhereonescurrentawarenessexistsPreconsciousmemoriesinformationonecaneasilyretrievetemporarymemoriesUnconsciousthoughtsfeelingsmemoriesandotherinformationarekeptthatarenoteasilyorvoluntarilybroughtintoconsciousness2WhataretheidtheegoandthesuperegoWhatprinciplesdotheyoperateonHowdothe3oftheminteractId unconsciously strives to satisfy basic sexual and aggressive drives operating on the pleasure principle demanding immediate gratification hunger thirst sexOperates on the pleasure principledesire for the immediate gratification of needs with no regard for the consequences if it feels good do itSuperego provides standards for judgment the conscience and for future aspirationsContains the consciencemakes people feel guilt or moral anxiety when they do something wrongLargely conscious ego functions as the executive and mediates the demands of id and superego Operates on the reality principlethe need to satisfy the demands of the id only in ways that will not lead to negative consequences sometimes denies the desires of id because consequences would be painful or unpleasant if it feels good do it but only if you can get away with it3WhataredefensemechanismsGiveexamplesofdenialregressionrationalizationreactionformationdisplacementandprojectionDefense mechanismsEgos protective methods of reducing anxiety by unconsciously distorting reality2Regression leads an individual faced with anxiety to retreat to a more infantile psychosexual stage Four year old Jeff starts wetting his bed after his parents bring home a new baby3Reaction Formation causes the ego to unconsciously switch unacceptable impulses into their opposites People may express feelings of purity when they may be suffering anxiety from unconscious sexual feelings Matt is unconsciously attracted to Ben but outwardly voices and extreme hatred of homosexualsProjection leads people to disguise their own threatening impulses by attributing them to others Keisha is attracted to her sisters husband but denies this and thinks the husband is attracted to her5Rationalization offers selfjustifying explanations in place of the real more threatening unconscious reasons for ones actions If I dont have breakfast I can have a piece of cake later on without hurting my diet6Displacement shifts sexual or aggressive impulses toward a more acceptable or less threatening object or persons redirecting anger toward a safer outlet Sandra gets reprimanded by her boss and goes home and picks fight with husband7Denial protects the person from painful events either by rejecting a fact or its seriousness Ben is an alcoholic who denies being an alcoholic
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