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Psych Test Exam 3 Study Guide

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Louisiana State University
PSYC 2000

Exam 3 Study GuideExam 3 covers the following modules 11 12 13 14 15 16 25 32 33 34 35 45 4647Remember Moodle Quiz 3 is open from 8AM on Monday 326 until 10PM on Friday 330If you complete the study guide BEFORE you complete the quiz this will HELP YOU score better on both the quiz AND the examModule 11What is a genomeAn organisms complete set of genetic materialHow do men and women differ in their attitudes towards sexuality AND in what they find attractive in a partnerMen are more casual about sex and have more emphasis on physical appearance women are more serious about sex and have less emphasis on physical appearancePhysical traits indicating fertility and health are considered attractive How do evolutionary psychologists explain these differencesGenetics X and Y chromosomes Prenatal hormone exposure testosterone and estrogen and social influencesWhat does research show about the heritability of personality traitsPersonality traits are 50 heritableModule 12What are the core values of collectivist and individualist culturesCollectivists give priority to goals of the group and define self in terms of group identityIndividualists give priority to goals of the self and define self in terms of personal attributesWhat are norms and taboos What are some specific cultural differences in norms discussed in your bookNorms are understood rules for accepted behavior Prescriptive what you should do and Proscriptive what you should NOT doTaboos are prohibited or restricted customs cannibalism and incestWhere do we most clearly see the influence of parenting style on developmentInfluence of parenting is clearest at extremes political attitudes religious beliefs personal mannersModule 13
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