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Psych Final Definitions

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Louisiana State University
PSYC 2000

Psych Final Definitions DomangueGO TO httpquizletcom8362069finalpptflashcards for quizlet versionPersonalitya persons unique and relatively stable behavior patterns of thinking feeling and actingpsychodynamic theorypersonalitybehavior is determined by unconscious psychology conflictsconsciouswhatever we are aware of at any given momentpreconsciouseverything we know but not aware of at the momentunconsciousthings so anxietyprovoking they were removed from consciousnessIdcontains basic impulses and urges present at birth totally unconsciouspleasure principledesire for immediate satisfaction and desires pleasuresuperegomoral behavior learned from parents and culture moral compassidealistic principleact proper and ideal as defined by parents and cultureegomediates conflicts between the id and the superego directs rational behaviorreality principlecompromises between the id and superego delays pleasure until appropriaterepressionunconsciously pushing threatening memories from conscious awarenessprojectionunconsciously attributing ones own unacceptable feelings to another persondenialdiscounting the existence of threatening situationsrationalizationattempting to make actions or mistakes seem reasonableregressionrevert to behavior that reduced anxiety earlier in developmentreaction formationdefending against unacceptable impulses by acting opposite of themdisplacementdeflecting an impulse from its original target to a less threatening onesublimationconverting unacceptable impulses into socially acceptable actions by symbolically expressing themcompensationstriving to make up for unconscious shortcoming feelings
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