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Ch 15

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PSYC 2000
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Chapter 15 TherapyPsychotherapy treatment Tx of disorders through talking and other psychological methodsTypes1Psychoanalysis gain insight by recognizing understanding unconscious thoughts emotions aFive main techniques classical iFree association reporting whatever comes to mind without censoring iiDream analysis ego does not defend well against urges of unconscious during sleep 1Manifest content conscious content of dreams 2Latent content true meaning of dreamiiiAnalyzing resistance patient avoids therapists attempts to bring threatening unconscious material into conscious awareness ivAnalyzing transference patient may displace unconscious feelings about a significant person in his or her life onto therapist vInterpretation psychoanalysts explanation of patients free associations dreams resistance and transference bPsychodynamic therapy modern form of psychoanalysisiLess emphasis on unconscious pastiiMore directive 2Humanistic therapy people with problems are blocked in some way from reaching their ful
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