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Study Guide Exam 2

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PSYC 2000
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Psychology 2000 Section 2 Study Guide for Second ExaminationWhile I attempted to make it complete it is not meant to be all inclusive It was not designed to be the sole aid for studying for the examination This can not replace class attendance and reading the chaptersWhat is developmental psychology Know the difference between nature and nurtureDevelopmental psychology studies the course and causes of developmental changes over a persons lifetimeNature heredity forms the humanbuilt flexibility into the development process which gives us adaptability to environmental influencesNurture human develops through experiencehelps us to develop intellectually socially and personally Know the prenatal development stages zygote germinal embryonic and fetal stages What are their general periods of time I am not going to get specific here What are teratogens give examples and what are their effects on the developing human and which stages of development are certain types likely to cause the developmental disorders we coveredStages of Prenatal Development1Zygotefertilized eggIt takes the zygote about 2 weeks to travel from fallopian tubes to wombMost zygotes fail to achieve successful implantation2Germinal PeriodThe period in prenatal development from conception to implantation of the fertilized egg in the wall of the uterusUsually takes about 2 weeks3Embryonic PeriodThe period of prenatal development lasting thfrom implantation to the end of the 8 weekThe basic body plans and organs are formedSex is determinedUsually takes about 6 weeks4Fetal PeriodThe period of prenatal development lasting from ththe 9 week until birthBones muscles and movement are developedThe lasts 3 months involve rapid growthPlacentaintakes nutrients and expels wastesTeratogensharmful environment agents that could potentially cause damage to the developing embryo or fetusThe embryonic period is the point of the greatest susceptibility Rubella German measlesif the mother contracts this rdthduring the 3 or 4 weeks of pregnancy the fetus is at risk for heart defects because this is when the structures of the heart are formedThalidomidemorning sickness medicineCauses flipper limbsFetal Alcohol Syndrome FAS facial deformities and mental retardationWhat is the difference between proximodistal and cephalocaudal principles What is the difference between crosssectional and longitudinal designs Know and be able to distinguish between the techniques used to investigate the infant preferential looking habituation evoked potentials and operant learningDifference between Proximodistal and Cephalocaudal Principles principles of developmentProximodistalcenter to outward extremities Cephalocaudalhead to tail developmentDifference between Cross Sectional and Longitudinal DesignsCross Sectionala research design in which people of different ages are compared over time assess abilities of different peopleLongitudinal Designa research design in which the same people are studied or tested repeatedly over time perceptual development
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