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Chapter 6 Learning Learning experience or practice results in relatively permanent change in behaviorConditioning acquisition of fairly specific patterns of behavior in presence of welldefined stimuliIClassic conditioning AKA Pavlovian conditioning response naturally elicited by one stimulus comes to be elicited by a different formerly neutral stimulus aPavlovs conditioning experiments was studying digestive processes He inserted tubes in dogs salivary glands to gage how much they drool He noticed the dogs salivated before the food was placed in their mouths Pavlov came up with an experiment where he sounded a bell just before food was brought in Eventually dogs salivated to sound of the bell alone bElements of classical conditioningiUnconditioned stimulus UCS invariably causes an organism to respond in a specific way foodiiUnconditioned response UCR response that takes place whenever an unconditioned stimulus occurs salivating to the foodiiiConditioned stimulus CS neutral stimulus paired with UCS eventually produces desired response when presented alone bellivConditioned response CR after conditioning it is produced when CS is presented salivating to the bellcphobias irrational fears of particular things activities or situations iThe little Albert study by John Watson and Rosalie Rayner Started by showing Albert a white rat When he approached the rat experimenters made a loud noise by striking a steel bar This made him cry Then when he saw the rat he automatically cried dClassical condition is selective Why dont people have phobias about almost anything iPreparedness some stimuli serve readily as CS for certain kinds of responses iiContra preparedness other types of stimuli do not serve as CS welliiiMost of the common phobias are related to survival eConditioned taste aversion avoidance of certain foods even if there is only one pairing of conditioned and unconditioned stimuli i Classical conditioning usually requires several pairings iiJohn Garcia studying effects of exposure to radiation Rats drank less in radiation chamber than in home cages Plastic vs glass water bottles Learned to associate plastic water bottle taste with feeling sick because of radiation iiiInterval between eating food and becoming ill can be up to 12 hours The CS is not close to the CR ivWhy do tasteillness combinations produce such raid and longlasting learning
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