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Chapter 14 Psychological DisordersAbnormal behavior patterns of emotion thought and action considered pathological diseased or disorderedIdentifying Abnormal Behavior1Statistical infrequency aCannot be only defining characteristic2Disability or dysfunction maladaptive behavior not good for youex Alcoholism cutting not good for you or other peopleaPractical and flexible3Personal distress if you are ok with it you dont have a mental disorder4Social norm violation aExamples of norms clothes in public 5Deviation from an ideal humanism and existentialism if you are not selfactualized you are mentally ill 6Medical disorder Alzheimers Disease7Insanity legal term people cannot be held responsible for their actions or allowed to manage their own affairs Historical Views of Psychological Disorders1Supernatural view mysterious actions were attributed to supernatural powers and possessionaTrephining boring holes in skull to let out evil sprits 2Naturalistic View ancient GreeceaHippocrates madness was like any other sickness a natural event arising from natural causes a physical illnessbImbalances in the four humors trying to link mental to physical iBlood air sanguineamorous happy generous people iiYellow bile fire choleric violent vengeful people iiiPhlegm water phlegmatic dull pale cowardly personalityivBlack bile earth melancholic gluttonous lazy sentimental 3Middle Ages Europeans reverted to supernatural view of abnormal behavioraNaturalistic views still held in Arab cultures bIf you were mentally ill you were bad and were being punishedcExorcisms and horrifying tortures 4Late Middle Ages public and private asylums were being established aIn worst cases inmates were chained down and deprived of food light or air to cure them 5Turning point 1793 Phillipe Pinel became director of Bicetre Hospital in Paris aMedical model of mental illness diseases have physical causes that can be diagnosed treated and possibly cured bDorothea Dix a schoolteacher from Boston led a nationwide campaign for humane treatment of mentally ill people However conditions did not change all that muchcDeinstitutionalization movement of mental patients out of large hospitals thbecame a major goal of mental health care in last half of the 20 century 6Psychiatry branch of medicine dealing with diagnosis treatment and prevention of mental disordersaThomas Szasz critic of medical model
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