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Ch 7 Lecture 1 Outline Thinking101413What is the cognitive definition for thinkingMental activity that goes on in the brain when a person is organizing and attempting to understand andor communicate information to others oMental imagesMental representations that stand for objects or events and have a picturelike qualityWhat are concepts and what are their levelsIdeas that represent a class or category of objects events or activitiesSuperordinate conceptThe most general form of a type of concept such as animal or fruitExample FurnitureBasic level typeAn example of a type of concept around which other similar concepts are organized such as dog cat or pearExample ChairSubordinate conceptThe most specific category of a concept such as ones pet dog or a pear in ones handExample Living room chairoFormal conceptsConcepts that are defined by specific rules or featuresoNatural conceptsConcepts people form as a result of their experiences in the real worldoPrototypeAn example of a concept that closely matches the defining characteristics of a conceptFamiliar or particular exampleWhat is the cognitive definition for problem solvingProcess of cognition that occurs when a goal must be reached by thinking and behaving in certain waysoTrial and error mechanical solutionMethod in which one possible solution after another is tried until a successful one is foundoAlgorithmsVery specific stepbystep procedure for solving certain types of problemsoInsightSudden perception of a solution to a problemoHeuristicAn educated guess based on prior experiences that helps narrow down the possible solutions for a problem also known as a rule of thumbWhat are some of the heuristics we useoRepresentative
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