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Ch 10

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PSYC 2000
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Chapter 10 Life Span Development Part IIKohlbergs theory of Moral development Initial study included 72 boys aged 10 13 and 16 Ten moral dilemmas were presented to each boy Boys asked to select one of two acts then questioned about reasons for choice No right or wrong answers individual was scored according to mode of reasoning Level 1 preconventional reasoning children using definitions of goodbad provided by parental authority figures oStage 1 Punishment and obedience orientation moral thinking ties to punishment Motivation to avoid punishment oStage 2 Instrumentalexchange orientation Ill be nice to you so you will be nice to meMotivation to satisfy ones self and to gain rewards from othersLevel 2 conventional reasoning conformity to social conventions based on desire to maintain social order oStage 3 Good child orientation maintaining good relations with approval of others Motivation to avoid disapproval of othersoStage 4 LawandOrder orientation judgments based on understanding social order law justice and duty oMotivation to maintain law and order concern for community Level 3 Postconventional Reasonin
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