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Psych Final Exam Review Questions

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MODULE 48 INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDERSNote Correct Answers are in BoldRyans social phobia has led him to lose jobs and relationshipsIn this case Ryan has a disorder because his behavior isA dangerousB commonC medically basedD dysfunctional If researchers discovered that genetically influenced abnormalities in brain structure contribute to bipolar disorder this would most clearly add credibility to A the DSMIVB the medical modelC the socialcognitive perspectiveD psychoanalytic theoryThe DSMIV is a diagnostic guide thatA describes psychological disorders and their prevalenceB describes psychological disorders and their causesC describes only disorders that have medical causesD has been shown to have poor reliability and validityIf your psychologist believes that psychological disorders can be diagnosed treated and cured through the use of standard tools techniques and medications she is most likely looking at psychological disorders from which perspectiveA the medical perspectiveB the psychoanalytic perspectiveC the optimistic perspectiveD the biosocial perspectiveThe use of diagnostic labeling is common but there is some controversy In a classic study David Rosenhan and some friends became hospital patients by reporting vague auditory hallucinations Then they began acting normally but had difficulty being released from the hospital Does this study prove that diagnostic labeling is badA Yes people should not continue to be labeled when the symptoms subsideB Yes the staff should have recognized that their behavior returned to normalC Yes the tendency to treat mental patients all the same often hinders good careD No the study had many methodological and design flaws
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