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Final Exam Study Guide (97% in the course

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PSYC 2000

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StudyGuidePSYC2000FinalChapter 1 Understand the differences and similarities between correlation and experimentationoWhich can make claims about causationoHow is correlation measured And what does the value representoCorrelation range from 1 to 1 close to zero weak absolute value of number determines strength If I give you an example of an ideaprinciple from Gestalt theory psychoanalysis or behaviorism be able to associate it with the correct theoryoPsychoanalysis A therapeutic approach that focuses on bringing unconscious material into conscious awareness to better understand psychological disordersoBehaviorism a theoretical orientation based on the premise that scientific psychology should study only observable behavior based on Ivan Pavlov must be able to measureoGestalt theoryBehavioral focuses on how behavioral responses are learned through classical or operant conditioning Psychodynamic focuses on the role of the unconscious mind and its influence on conscious behavior Humanistic focuses on human potential free will and possible of selfactualizationCognitive focuses on memory intelligence perception thought processes problem solving language and learning Be able to identify dependent and independent variables if I give you an example experimentWhat are the differences between a psychologist and a psychiatrist oPsychologist cannot prescribe medicine psychiatrist can Understand the placebo effectoPlacebo Effect Patients given a fake treatment will sometimes have a perceived of actual improvement in a medical conditionUnderstand difference between descriptive and inferential statisticsChapter 2 Know and be able to differentiate between the divisions of the nervous system eg figure 21 What is the difference between sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system Central vs peripheral EtcoCentral nervous system brain and spinal cordoPeripheral nervous system transmits information to and from the central nervous systemSomatic carries sensory information and controls movement of skeletal muscles Automatic regulates glands internal organs ectParasympathetic division maintains body functionSympathetic division prepares body to react and expend energy in times of stress Be familiar with neurotransmitters Serotonin Dopamine GABA EndorphinsoSerotonin responsible for mood hunger sleep and arousal Not enough leads to depressionoDopamine responsible for learning attention and emotion
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