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Psychology Exam 4

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Psychology Exam 4Experienced EmotionPeople describe their experienced emotion along two dimensionsValencePleasantpositive vs UnpleasantnegativeArousalLowHighMONEY DOES NOT BUY HAPPINESSValueLife SatisfactionStudents who value love more than money report higher life satisfactionHappinessPrior ExperienceAdaptationLevel PhenomenonLike the adaptation to brightness volume and touch people adapt to income levelsQuarterbacksHappinessOthers AttainmentsRelative Deprivationthe perception that we are relatively worse off than those we compare ourselves withEx We feel deprived we dont have as much as other peopleStress and HealthStress and IllnessStressany circumstance real or perceived that threatens a persons wellbeing and also taxes coping abilitiesWhen we feel severe stress our ability to cope with it is impairedStress is subjectiveSchizophrenia between identical twinsSchizophrenia is not biological but stressful events may trigger a geneTwin A gets schizophrenia but Twin B doesnt Twin B has better coping skillsThe Stress Response SystemCannon proposed that the stress response was a fightorflight response marked by the out pouring of epinephrine and norepinephrineEpinephrinea hormone and a neurotransmitter that increases heart rate constricts blood vessels dialates air passages and participates in the fightorflight response of the sympathetic nervous systemNorepinephrinea catecholamine with multiple roles including as a hormone and a neurotransmitterAs a stress hormone norepinephrine affects parts of the brain such as the amygdala where attention and responses are controlled Along with epinephrine norepinephrine also underlies the fightorflight response directly increasing heart rate triggering the release of glucose from energy stores and increasing blood flow to skeletal muscle It increases the brains oxygen supply and also suppresses neuroinflammation when released diffusely in the brain from the locus ceruleusGeneral Adaptation SyndromeA stress response to any kind of stimulation is similar The stressed individual goes through three phasesPhase 1 Alarm Reaction mobilize resourcesPhase 2 Resistance cope with stressPhase 3 ExhaustionPersonality TypesType ACompetitive harddriving impatient verbally aggressive and angerprone peopleType A personalities are more likely to develop coronary heart diseaseChris from family guy became more of a Type A because he had to take over the position of head of the household Became stressed and ended up with cardiac arrest
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