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PSYC 2000 Exam 4 Study Guide Part 1Answers to most of these questions can be found in both your lecture notes and the textbook However some answers may only be found in lecture notes while others may only be found in the textbook Please utilize both resources along with the chapter quizzes and the study guide found under Student Resources in MyPsychLab which has additional practice quizzesChapter 131What is personality and how does it differ from temperamentaPersonality the unique and relatively stable ways in which people think feel and behaveiTemperament is the enduring characteristics with which each person is born such as irritability or adaptability It is based in ones biology either through genetic influences prenatal influences or a combination of those influences and forms the basis upon which ones larger personality is built2Explain the iceberg model of the mindaConscious contact with outside worldbPreconscious material just beneath the surface of awarenesscUnconscious difficult to retrieve material well below the surface of awareness iThis iceberg represents the three levels of the mind The part of the iceberg visible above the surface is the conscious mind Just below the surface is the preconscious mind everything that is not yet part of the conscious mind Hidden deep below the surface is the unconscious mind feelings memories thoughts and urges that cannot be easily brought into consciousness While two of the three part of the personality ego and superego exist at all three levels of awareness the id is completely in the unconscious mind 3What techniques did Freud develop to study Psychoanalysis this comes back up in Chapters 14 and 15aFree associationbDream interpretationcSlipsofthetongue Freudian slips 4What are the 3 components of Freuds personality structure What does each one representaId if it feels good do it Part of the personality present at birth and completely unconscious bEgo the executive director Part of the personality that develops out of a need to deal with reality mostly conscious rational and logical cSuperego the moral watchdog Part of the personality that acts as a moral center 5What are the defense mechanisms proposed by Freud that we use to reduce anxiety caused by conflicts of our personality refer to lecture slides and the textbookaDenial refusal to recognize or acknowledge a threatening situation iBen is an alcoholic who denies being an alcoholic Drinking is funbRepression pushing threatening or conflicting events or situations out of conscious memoryiElise who was sexually abused as a child cannot remember the abuse at all Shes lying because she liked itcRationalization making up acceptable excuses for unacceptable behavioriIf I dont have breakfast I can have that piece of cake later on without hurting my diet Fat ass dProjection placing ones own unacceptable thoughts onto others as if the thoughts belonged to them and not to oneself iKeisha is attracted to her sisters husband but denies this and believes the husband is attracted to her What a slut eReaction Formation forming an emotional reaction or attitude that is the opposite of ones threatening or unacceptable actual thoughts iMatt is unconsciously attracted to Ben but outwardly voices an extreme hatred of homosexuals Gay fDisplacement expressing feelings that would be threatening if directed at the real target onto a less threatening substitute targetiSandra gets reprimanded by her boss and goes home to angrily pick a fight with her husband Obviously about me gRegression falling back on childlike patterns as a way of coping with stressful situationsiFouryearold Jeff starts wetting his bed after his parents bring home a new baby What a little bitchhIdentification trying to become like someone else to deal with ones anxietyiMarie really admires Suzy the most popular girl in school and tries to copy her behavior and dress No one will ever like you stop trying
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