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PSYC Test 2 Review

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PSYC 2000
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PsychologyExamIIReview3 steps of memory processing Encodingprocesses info so that it can be stored it also influences duration of memoryStoragethe retention of encoded info over timeRetrievalthe process of getting info out of the memory storageRecalla measure ofmemory in which a person must retrieve information learned earlier as on a fill in the blank test Recognitiona measure of memory in which the person need only identify items previously learned a s on multiplechoice testRelearninga measure of memory that asses the amount of time saved when learning material for a second timePrimingthe activation often unconsciously of particular associations in memoryDj vucues from current situations may subconsciously trigger retrieval of an earlier similar experienceRetrieval Cues Anchor points you can use to access the target information when you want to retrieve it laterThey more retrieval cues you have the better chances of finding a route to suspended memoryMood and State of memoryEvents in the past may have aroused a specific emotion that later can prime us to recall its association Moods bias our memoryMood Congruent memorythe tendency to recall experiences that are consistent with ones current good or bad moodEbbinghaus research findings related to rehearsal massed practice forgetting etchis forgetting curve indicates that much of what we learn we indeed quickly forgetThe forgetting us initially rapid then levels off with timeTypes of forgettingEncoding Errorinfo never entered longterm memoryTranscience decayyou stopped encoding it leaves memoryBlockingtry to learn but there is confusion ProactiveRetroactive interferenceProactive
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