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Final Exam Review

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PSYC 2000
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PSYC 2000 Cumulative Review Preparing for the Final ExamPsychologys Three Main Levels of Analysis Structuralism vs functionalism Structuralism Mind sensations consciousness best understood when broken down into smallest basic elementsBasic elements can be analyzed via objective introspectionWilhelm WundtEdward TitchenerFunctionalismMind cannot be broken down as consciousness is like everflowingchanging streams of thought Focus on how parts of mind work together to help us adapt and function in everyday lifeWilliam JamesPsychologys 4 goals Scientific Method 1DescriptionWhats happening Observe and describe taking a phenomenon of interest and examining it 2Explanation why is it happening Gaining an explanation for what observe 3Prediction when will it happen Trying to determine what will happen in the future4Control how can it be changed Focuses on controlling or modifying change the mental behavior or mental activityRandomization Scientific Method Why psychology applies the scientific methodA system for reducing bias and error in measurement of phenomena of interest mental processes or behaviorwithout jumping to conclusions Avoid bias How ensure bias and error are minimizedUse randomization in designing the study1Random samplingrandomly selecting participants from the target population so that sample is representative of target population the more you select the more likely a representative sample
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