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Module 1 The Story of PsychologyWhat is PsychologyPsychology Involves humans and animalsPsychologists differ in importance placed on specific types of behaviorObjective observationbehaviors we can directly see or observeSubjective observationbehaviors we cant directly see or observePsychologys Roots Historical PerspectivesStructuralismWilhelm Wundt 18321920 father of modern psychologyStructuralist a psychologist who studied the basic elements that make up conscious mental experienceIntrospection a method of selfobservation in which participants report their thoughts and feelingsEarly Psychology ExperimentWundt et al measured the time lag between hearing a sound a pressing a telegraph keyHistorical FunctionalismWilliam James 18421910 first American psychologistFunctionalist a psychologist who studied the function rather than the structure of consciousness
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