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Completed Psychology Study Guide For FALL Final Exam

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PSYC 2000
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Fall 2013 PSYC 2000 Sec 001003FINAL EXAM Study OutlineChapter 12 Social PsychologyKnow the three primary areas of social psychology as well as relevant related concepts that fall under each see belowoSocial Influence The ways in which a persons thoughts feelings and behavior can be affected by others In other words how we are influenced by othersConformityvoluntarily yielding to social norms Changing ones own behavior to more closely match the actions of othersDefine and distinguish from compliance and obedienceCompliance Occurs when people change their behavior as a result of another person or group asking or directing them to changeObedience occurs when people change their behavior as a result of the command of an authority figure Be able to correctly label an exampleWhich represent conformityEx 1 Paul maintains a wellgroomed lawn to avoid complaints from his neighbors Ex 2 Paul maintains a wellgroomed lawn because he takes great pride in his home What was Aschs classic studySolomon Asch a group of 7 people were asked to participate in a thstudy The 6 person was real but the rest were confederates staged They were shown two white cards one with one red line another with 3 red lines of various lengths The task was to determine which line on the second card was most similar to the line of the first card pg 449 The confederates were instructed to give the wrong answer The real participant conforms 13 of the time to the wrong answer They found that the number of confederates mattered 4 plus peopleName conditions that increase the likelihood of conformityNormative Social Influence A person desire to gain approval or avoid rejectionRespecting normative behavior because price may be severe if not followed Informational Social influenceGroup may provide valuable information When the task is difficult or you are unsure it makes sense to listen to others Compliancewhen people change their behavior as a result of another person or group asking or directing them to changeDefine and distinguish from conformity and obedienceWhat are 4 techniques used to get people to comply with a request Be able to correctly label an example of each if given a scenarioFootinthedoor asking for a small commitment and after gaining compliance asking for a bigger commitment Ex Neighbor asked you to watch his house but then later that day the neighbor asked you to water his plants as well Doorintheface asking for a large commitment and being refused and then asking for a smaller commitment Ex If the neighbor asked you to keep their dog in your home your would probably refuse but then they ask you to water their plants which your will probably most likely to do Lowball getting a commitment from a person and then raising the cost of the commitmentEx A professor agrees to write a textbook Later he finds out that writing the textbook requires him to travel work nights meet deadlines etc Thatsnotall a sale technique in which the persuader makes an offer and then adds something extra to make the offer look better before target person can make a decision Ex Sales person but waitthats not all If you act now well send you this 15piece set of genuine faux carving knives as a bonusObediencewhen one changes hisher behavior at the command of an authorityDefine and distinguish from compliance and conformityWhat is Milgrams classic studyMilgram recruited people who were told that they would be participating in an experiment to test the effects of punishment on learning behavior The participants believed that they had randomly been assigned to either the teacher or the learnerthe learner was an actor already aware of the situation The teacher was given the decision to kill the learner and 65 did choose this route Resulted in the obedience of authority Name factors that increase the likelihood of obedienceAuthority figure with social power ex police officer teacher etc What is Zimbardos Prison Study What did this experiment reveal about social rolesSubjects played either prisoners or guardsPrisoners were arrested fingerprinted dressed and referred to by numberGuards were dressed and given control over prisonersSubjects became their social roles in action thought and feeling What are social roles Widely shared experiences about how people in certain positions are supposed to behaveGroup InfluenceDefine what a groupconsist of two or more individuals who interact and are interdependent Be able to identify if given an example whether or not the example represents a group EX Is LSUs football team a group Is LSUs freshmen class a groupGroup Think Define and be able to identify an example Make sure you can name some characteristics associated with group thinkOccurs when members of a cohesive group emphasize concurrence at
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