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Chapter 3 Stress and Health PsychologyHealth psychology relationship between psychological behavior and physical health and illnessStress how body responds to any number of physical or emotional stimuli oIncreased heart rate respiratory rate sweating skin problems increased blood pressure metabolism changes in circulating fats oStress can be beneficial to a certain pointoEustress pleasant or curative stressoDistress unpleasant or disease producing stress oSources of StressLife changesadjustment can cause stressSocial Readjustment Rating Scale doesnt take into account different life circumstances Doesnt take into account how you perceive certain changes Cronic Stressors ongoing continuous pressures when urge to fight or flight has been suppressedHassles and BurnoutoHassles minor irritating incidents that occur everydayoBurnout physical emotional and mental exhaustion attributable to longterm involvement in emotionally demanding situations oHerbrt Freudenberger volunteer in freeclinic movement The most dedicated were at the highest risk of burning out Ex Fatigue loss of idealismenergy emotional numbnessetc Frustration unpleasant tension anxiety and heightened sympathetic activity resulting form a blocked goal oFive Types MorrisDelays lack of resources dont have the house moneyyou want losses loss of relationships failure discrimination being denied opportunities Conflicts having to choose between two or more incompatible goals or impulses Approach and avoidanceThree types of conflictoApproachapproach occurs when a person has to choose between two equally pleasurable alternativesoAvoidanceavoidance results when neither choice is pleasurable oApproach avoidance a person has to make a choice that has both positive and negative aspects
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